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Charleston, SC Presenters Include...

  • Amy Smilovic

    Amy Wallin Smilovic


    TIBI-Owner, Creative Art Director

  • Jamie Meares

    Jamie Meares


    Furbish Studio, Owner and Designer
    and I Suwanee

  • Erin Shaw Street

    Erin Shaw Street

    Southern Living
    Senior Editor, Integrated Content

  • Whitney Wright

    Whitney Wright

    Southern Living
    Deputy Food Editor

  • Robert Prioleau

    Robert Prioleau


    Blue Ion, Partner and
    Strategy Director

  • Hanna Seabrook

    Hanna Seabrook

    Gadabout and Creative Director at
    Southern Proper

  • Christopher Lester

    Christopher Lester

    Emma, Director of Concierge

  • Tara Guerard

    Tara Guérard

    Tara Guérard Soirée
    Founder and President

  • Caitlin Moran

    Caitlin Moran

    Glitter Guide
    Editorial Director

  • Libbie Summers

    Libbie Summers

    Salt & Styled, Culinary Author and
    Stylist for TV and Print

  • Liza Graves

    Liza Graves


    Style Blueprint,

  • Will Copenhaver

    Will Copenhaver



  • Jimmy Hagood

    Jimmy Hagood



  • Caroline Nuttall

    Caroline Nuttall


    CHARLIE, Founder and Publisher

  • Katie Armour

    Katie Armour


    Matchbook Magazine, Co-Founder
    and Editorial Director

  • MaryAnn Bekkedahl

    MaryAnn Bekkedahl

    KEEP, Co-founder
    and President

  • Chassity Evans

    Chassity Evans

    Look Linger Love,

  • Stephanie Burt

    Stephanie Burt

    The Local Palate,
    Director of Digital Content

  • Katherine Sandoz

    Katherine Sandoz


  • Chloe King

    Chloe King

    Tibi, PR and
    Social Media Manager

  • Sully Sullivan

    Sully Sullivan

    Sully Sullivan Photography

  • Holly Hollingsworth Phillips

    Holly Phillips

    The English Room - Interior
    Designer, Owner & Blogger</h4


at The Southern C Summit- April 30 - May 2 in Charleston, SC

What is The Southern C Summit? The Summit is an event designed to offer a community of passionate entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect, collaborate and create. The Summit is a two-day niche conference filled with educational sessions and panel discussion from top names in the media, blogging and business community all topped off with a dose of Southern hospitality… delicious cuisine, cocktails and conversation in a variety of quintessential venues.

How is The Summit affiliated with The Southern Coterie? The Summit is The Southern Coterie’s live event designed to bring the online platform and virtual front porch to life. The Summit offers members of The Southern Coterie – the social network of the South – and others the opportunity to network and connect offline and in person.

Who attends the event? Past attendees include individuals in a variety of business segments ranging from small business owners and emerging brands to bloggers and designers. The Summit is a must-attend event for those seeking innovative ideas and inspiring encounters.

Who presents at the events? Tastemakers and industry experts present a wide spectrum of compelling topics discussing methods for rebuilding or revitalizing your brand, increasing media visibility and implementing social media strategies. Past presenters include top magazine editors, renowned media consultants, and distinguished authors, photographers, bloggers and stylists.

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The Southern Coterie co·te·rie/ˈkōtərē/ is the social network of the SOUTH! The Southern C is an online community and virtual front porch where Southerners and all those who love the south can connect, congregate, converse and celebrate the things that matter to us most!

The Southern C SummitIt’s a circle of friends with common and similar interests - in this case the South. It's an exciting collaborative effort celebrating the South and the people, places and things that encompass our location and unique lifestyle. No matter where you live – within the confines of the Mason-Dixon or not - The Southern C desires to bring all Southern enthusiasts and creatives together. If you can’t come to the South, the South will come to you!

The Southern C is your connection and curator to the southern life and landscape - from Athens to Asheville, Birmingham to Baton Rouge, Charleston to Chattanooga, Charlottesville to Chapel Hill, Dallas to DC, Jackson to Jacksonville, Lexington to Little Rock, Macon to Memphis, the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and all points in between.

Whether searching for the hottest restaurants in Charleston, finding the perfect spot for a seaside wedding on 30-A, sharing grandmother’s famous recipe for pimento cheese, learning more about the oyster men of Appalachia Bay, listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama sing an amazing rendition of "Amazing Grace", discussing the Dawgs, Tide, Tigers or Gamecocks, perusing photos of our southern landscape or reading your favorite southern blogger, The Southern C is the place to be!

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Summit Testimonials:

  • “I left with a renewed energy and idea of my "big picture" for developing my blog/photography business. I really liked the intimacy…and hope it remains small, laid back, and full of useful topics and fun presenters! …I feel like I've got a whole network of people to reach out to for guidance and feedback... cannot WAIT for the others!“

    - Celia Goetowski,

  • “I definitely walked away feeling inspired!”

    - Andrea Harper,

  • “Since returning -I've had a productive week of implementing, connecting with people from the event and a possible new client or 4! Amazingly impressive event!”

    - Cari Clark,

  • “Whether or not you consider yourself "Southern," if you're an entrepreneur, you need to attend the Southern C Summit! At the end of the day, I went home feeling encouraged, motivated, educated, and most importantly, connected. I enjoyed it all and thought the evening mixer at the Southern Living house was a great idea!”

    - Marianne ,